Dream Out Loud

Cyndrill is twenty two and living life with arms wide open. A battling medical student who likes to share her life experiences, adventures, and undeniable love for food, places, and funky finds through this blog. She’s got her camera on her hands to capture life’s little surprises and her creative juice flowing to make short yet interesting entries to keep this account alive. Having so many desires in her life with so little time, she has to make do with what she has right now and wait until the right moment comes for her to make them all happen.

Got some questions? Or just wanna say hi? E-mail me at cyndrill@yahoo.com :)
Who I Follow
  • Commercial Break. I’ve been reading magazines since high school. From Candymag, now I’m a fan of Women’s Health Philippines. Sometimes, I even comment on WH’s facebook posts. So what’s my point? If you noticed in the photo above, one of my comments were published in the June Issue of Women’s Health. I commented about Anne Curtis being their cover for the 3rd anniversary issue and it was just so funny that my comment was included in their screenshot in this page! I just learned about this through a friend who was as surprised as I was, seeing my whole name in the magazine. LOL! So there goes my 1/64 page of exposure. Haha! So random I just wanted to share about it!