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Cyndrill is twenty two and living life with arms wide open. A battling medical student who likes to share her life experiences, adventures, and undeniable love for food, places, and funky finds through this blog. She’s got her camera on her hands to capture life’s little surprises and her creative juice flowing to make short yet interesting entries to keep this account alive. Having so many desires in her life with so little time, she has to make do with what she has right now and wait until the right moment comes for her to make them all happen.

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  • A Healthy Mix. Heavy rains are here again. And classes were suspended earlier this school year than expected. Because some of the streets are already flooded, it is difficult to buy food this time. Good thing, I have my own stock of "relief goods" in preparation for days like this. Last night, I had my favorite Shin Cup Noodles for dinner. The hot and spicy noodle soup was just perfect for the rainy season. However, I knew it was not healthy at all when I bought it so I only had 1 cup at hand. Today, I was able to come up with healthy treats to satisfy my hunger needs throughout the day. For breakfast, I had my ever reliable Quaker Oats Oatmeal and then grabbed my Nature Valley Granola Bar for lunch. Yes, it’s starting to be a fiber rich diet, I know! The most exciting part was dinner! My roommate, who happens to be a nutritionist-dietician, taught me how I can enjoy tuna and egg to a whole new level! I mixed tuna and egg in a container and microwaved it for 5 minutes, and voila! The result was baked egg-tuna goodness (as shown in the photo above)! I paired it with my trusty Rebisco Whole Wheat Crackers. And had Del Monte Pineapple Juice to go with that! It’s definitely a healthy Friday night, don’t you think? Today’s food intake was just perfect and consistent with my on going “healthy lifestyle.” Since classes started, I ate mainly vegetables and white meat (fish and chicken meat that is). I still take red meat sometimes when they are mixed with vegetable dishes but I try to refrain from eating it as much as possible. I am not getting any younger and the better time to start to take care of my health is NOW. I don’t want to end up being hypertensive in my early 30s just like how the trend goes in our family nowadays. (Both sides of the family are hypertensive which poses a high risk for me in the future!) Haha! And later tonight, I’m thinking of having Fit ‘N Right Fruit Snack (Peaches & Pears) for my midnight snack! Yey! It’s a perfect Friday night to chill and hit the books! Happy Friday Night Tumblr Friends!