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Cyndrill is twenty two and living life with arms wide open. A battling medical student who likes to share her life experiences, adventures, and undeniable love for food, places, and funky finds through this blog. She’s got her camera on her hands to capture life’s little surprises and her creative juice flowing to make short yet interesting entries to keep this account alive. Having so many desires in her life with so little time, she has to make do with what she has right now and wait until the right moment comes for her to make them all happen.

Got some questions? Or just wanna say hi? E-mail me at cyndrill@yahoo.com :)
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  • Sweet Memories. Sometimes we tend to associate food with people maybe because you share a certain foodie moment with some special people in your life. When it comes to eating Piknik and Soft Batch, I never fail to remember a good old friend. :) I knew how much she loved these two treats so much. I remember eating this together with her on our last day of our hospital internship. And it’s nice to know that she still remembers that day until now. It somewhat made me feel happier tonight knowing that she has never forgotten that sweet old day. And to add to the list of treats, Yakult also never fails to make her smile. Talk about “Foodie Happiness." ;)

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