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Cyndrill is twenty two and living life with arms wide open. A battling medical student who likes to share her life experiences, adventures, and undeniable love for food, places, and funky finds through this blog. She’s got her camera on her hands to capture life’s little surprises and her creative juice flowing to make short yet interesting entries to keep this account alive. Having so many desires in her life with so little time, she has to make do with what she has right now and wait until the right moment comes for her to make them all happen.

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    Last night, my dad was having a hard time buying flowers for the tombs we were going to visit today. He felt that the flower arrangements sold were a bit pricey. *kuripot mode* Just to make things easier (and cheaper) for them, I volunteered to make the flower arrangements myself and just have them buy the flowers sold by dozen.

    To be honest, I was a bit pressured (Oo, pressured talaga ang term) because I really had no idea how to make flowers come together and look presentable for a tomb. I saw the florists around and observed that they just insert the flowers in the “sponge” (I’m not really sure what that green thing is called) until they came up with a certain presentation. It looked easy, but being somewhat “artsy”, I don’t want to disappoint my parents and of course, myself, with the outcome of the flower arrangements I’ll be doing. I can be really conscious in certain artsy stuffs I do because they I believe they speak for me.

    Anyway, before starting with my “task” for the All Souls’ Day Celebration, I gathered some green leaves from our yard and was lucky enough to find a certain type of flower species which was fitted to be the centerpiece of my flower arrangement. It was so pretttty and I don’t even know what it is called! But it is indeed pretty, don’t you agree? :)

    What we were able to buy from last night were some Chrysanthemums, violet baby’s breath flowers, and some others which I can’t identify. Haha! Sorry!

    Anyway, I started with a positive attitude hoping that everything will turn out fine, presentable, and of course, worth the time and effort! Thankfully, God did not fail me with this “work of art”. I was able to finish 3 arrangements in almost 2 hours. Yeah, kinda slow but every second was worth the trial and error. The plus factor was it turned out unique! Not just like those flowers almost everyone is bringing. (I am starting to be proud here.Hehe) 

    Here are snaps of my products for the day -

    Even my mom was happy about the results and started joking that I can already have a “flower arrangement” sidelinebusiness next year! How supportive! haha! 200 pesos for this, take it or leave it? :) Pwede???

    Maybe this post can inspire you to have a do it yourself flower arrangement for next year or even when you have special occasions to attend to. Why not?! A little experiment won’t hurt. Plus it can also unleash your inner creativity. And also, this can be therapeutic, having created something can make you feel good! Obtaining a sense of achievement! ;)

    And if you’re wondering how much I spent for these? around 350 pesos for everything! It pays to have greens in your backyard, no need to spend on leaves! ;)

    Something productive which made my sembreak a bit worthwhile.

    Happy Long Weekend everyone!:)

    THE Birthday Fun Never Stops. Back in college, birthdays were really worth celebrating. Within our clique, we would come up with the sweetest ideas and surprises for our celebrants. And I was one of those Little Miss Party Planners who would love to share some time and effort to make birthdays extra special. College may be over but does not mean that goes the same with the birthday fun.

    Lalaine, my roommate who is also my block mate in Med School recently celebrated her birthday. On the day of her birthday, I surprised her after our first class with a chocolate muffin with a candle. It was simple yet I was glad that she really appreciated it and she loved the muffin too! But I also had another surprise for her (photos above) 5 days after her birthday. I had block mates to make her a birthday greeting with the use of my sticky notes and compiled them to make a card. I was not able to find a huge card so I decided to make my own. Folder plus scrapbooking paper and an artsy tape can really do wonders! You can see how the card looked like. My friend and I also bought Chocolate Mousse to go with it. When Lalaine saw our surprises, I can see how much she really loved it. Take note, she was trembling (because of happiness! haha!) after the surprise.

    Preparing such surprises and artsy stuff is what I consider my THERAPY nowadays. Being able to see that I am able to make birthday celebrants happy and make them feel extra special on their day is very rewarding, I tell you. It really feels great when you are able to do what you do best, and at the same time make others happy while doing it! ;)

    Celebrating Success! After passing the board exam, we all deserve to party! :) Even right after taking the exam without knowing if it will be successful or not, we already planned ahead of time to celebrate together with the barkada. We agreed that we will be singing our hearts out so we headed to Songbook, a very affordable videoke place somewhere along Timog Avenue! And because we were having a double celebration, Claire’s Birthday and the Successful Results from the board examination, I thought of having this mini surprise for the girls. Bought donuts and placed candles on them. As the girls entered the room, they were really surprised and I was glad that they appreciated it. :) It’s fun making simple things extraordinary! :D Congratulations RPhs! :)