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    Every night, I always try to have my cup of green tea before going to sleep. We all know that drinking tea has its benefits. (Read about Green Tea Benefits: 16 Things that Makes Miracles Possible) Yes, that is the main reason I try to stick my tea-before-bed habit. It may taste yuck at first  for some but I got used to it and always put in my mind two words - Aging Gracefully. Haha! It may sound vain, but knowing how green tea helps you improve your health and cause positive changes in your life, you know its one of your best weapons in having a healthier tomorrow (and a brighter future!).

    Speaking about green tea, you may want to check out this tea spot in Tomas Morato (across Little Asia) -Kozui Green Tea.

    They serve wide varieties of tea drinks and also something to munch. I first heard about this place from my block mates who used to study here (perfect alternative for Starbucks!). It is a great and cozy place to chill. The place has 2 floors and is not so big but I still recommend it because the white interiors give you positive and calm vibes.

    I’ve only got to try one of their products which was highly recommended by our friend - the Oreo Green Tea Matcha, which was one of their korichio drinks (Japanese version of fraps). It’s like green tea frappe sprinkled with crushed Oreos.Honestly, it did not reach my expectations when I tried it for the first time. But when I got the chance to visit this place again and order the same product, I already got hooked to it! (Yeah, it’s better the second time around! Haha!)

    Another friend recommended the Melon Green Tea Matcha. I guess that will be my next order when I visit Kozui again.

    Try to pay it a visit! And before you do that, you may want to know more about Kozui Green Tea, read this. :)