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Cyndrill is twenty two and living life with arms wide open. A battling medical student who likes to share her life experiences, adventures, and undeniable love for food, places, and funky finds through this blog. She’s got her camera on her hands to capture life’s little surprises and her creative juice flowing to make short yet interesting entries to keep this account alive. Having so many desires in her life with so little time, she has to make do with what she has right now and wait until the right moment comes for her to make them all happen.

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    Just this week, there was a rave on Selecta’s Magnum Bar finally arriving in the Philippines. Being the ice cream lover that I am, I just can’t wait to try it out myself. I’ve heard good feedback regarding this product so I thought that 50 peso bar would be worth it. I had my 1st try this afternoon. There were 3 flavors available - Classic, Truffle, and Almond. I picked Almond! As how it is stated in the pack "Made with Belgian Chocolate". And deep inside me, I was like - “If you say so”. Haha!

    So there I was, sitting in the UST Quadricentennial Park, excited to have my 1st bite amidst the "tanghaling tapat" weather. *Bite* I felt like - “Okay, it’s creamy, it’s chocolatey. But it’s too sweet!” This was surprising for me because having eaten a lot of desserts in my entire life, from chocolates to cakes to ice cream, I never complain about them being extremely sweet for my taste buds.  I don’t know but its sweetness just isn’t that appealing. After the Magnum experience, I thought it was fine. Not something I would highly recommend though as of the moment.  (I’d rather have my dilly bar or DQ sandwich which is only 39 pesos!)

    Well, 1st impressions don’t always last. It just saddened me that the most talked about ice cream bar of the week just did not reach my expectations. :( Maybe I need a second try. You don’t always get to enjoy your first, right?

    I remembered having my 1st DQ cup which was not that exciting. But the time I got to enjoy my 2nd cup a year later, I fell totally in love up to the moment!

    Maybe, just maybe, same experience will go for the Magnum Bar. I’ll be waiting for that next try!