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    This post is dedicated to the entire Thomasian Community most especially to our all dearest Thomasian Alumni out there.

    The moment we leave the portals of our dearest Alma Mater, it’s really hard not to miss all the great memories we’ve had during our stay. The Thomasian experience is truly extraordinary, I know many of you would agree with me. Many of us appreciated all the events and efforts they have poured to make us feel loved (and maybe reciprocate that love as well).

    And for sure, one of the best times you’ve had in UST was during the Christmas season. All those Christmas lights and decorations never fail to take away all the day’s stress and make you surely excited for Christmas. Yes? Yes!

    Though I’ve already graduated from UST 2 years ago, I still find time to go back and revisit the place especially during December because I’m always anticipating their Christmas set-up for the year.  And just tonight, I was lucky enough to capture what UST has to offer everyone this year. I know most of you, Thomasian Alumni, would like to check it out yourself right away but cannot find the right time so this post I dedicate to you – not to spoil the excitement but to make you more excited! ;)

    Luckily, UST had no classes today so I was free to move around the university and take photos. I had my first take at the Quadricentennial Park. Oh how I miss the Fountain! Still beautiful with matching purple lights to glam it more up for Christmas!


    As I walked towards Plaza Mayor, huge parols hanging in the main building captured my attention. Oh so colorful!


    Of course, how can I not take a photo of the man who is responsible for our university’s existence? Ola Fr. Miguel Benavidez!


    Plaza Mayor was empty (which was a good thing because I had the guts to go around and take my time in capturing the Christmas scenes)!


    I’m not sure what the theme for this year is, but what I’m sure is, they are surely loving Christmas trees and deers!





    And Christmas tree was back to its old self again (vs. the loud red colored tree from last year which is not a bad thing naman).


    So there you have it, a summary of ourUST Christmas 2012! So sad, I won’t be able to attendPaskuhanthis year, I’ve been present for 5 years straight! I’ll be going home early so I just have to miss out. I guess I need to wait for photos of Paskuhan 2012 instead. :)

    What (yes, it’s a what and not a who!) kept me company throughout my photowalk? SIMPLE LINE MILK TEA! Nakakamiss e! Hooray for affordable and worth it drinks. The first milk tea place UST had back in 2009 (if I’m not mistaken). Though so many milk tea joints are sprouting in the area, Simple Line still stands strong! Haha!

    Feel free to visit my other UST Christmas posts from the past two years here!

    When visiting UST, I make sure to dine in one of my favorite food shops around the university, those which are truly tatak UST.  The kind of food establishment which they say every Thomasian must know of. And one of those which includes this list of mine is Mang Tootz. It’s fun to know that even those who are not from the university is also familiar with the place which proves that it has already made a name for itself through the years. Just so you know, it also belongs to SPOT.ph’s Manila’s Most Popular School Hangouts list! Cool!

    One of Mang Tootz’s household favorites is his BananaRhumA (Bananarama). I remember having my first taste of it during my first year in the university while we were enjoying college week. My friend who happens to live just next to Mang Tootz brought around 100 pieces of this delectable banana snack and boy, it was good! It looks like a mini-me of turon sprinkled with cinnamon sugar but once you get a taste of it, you’ll surely be wanting more! Truly addicting!

    But aside from their Banana-Rhum-A, they also serve affordable meals fit for a student’s budget. You’ll surely be saying - MY DIET STARTS TOMORROW!

    I always have two orders in mind when I dine here. The Breaded Chicken and their Sisig which is truly a winner!

    The Breaded Chicken comes with your choice of sauce (Teriyaki, Cream of Tartar, and uh I forgot the other one!), I usually get the teriyaki sauce to go with my order. The generous serving truly makes my 50 pesos go a long way!

    And because I am already allergic to chicken nowadays, I opt for their Sisig more often! This spicy favorite is truly one of their best-sellers. I can’t clearly explain how it stands out from the rest but it surely makes my taste buds happy!

    I am amazed on how this food venture have grown. The last time I went there, which was last week, the area was jam-packed! And because the P. Noval street is closed due to road construction, they have the street all for the customers! Wow!

    One of the things I love about Mang Tootz is their very accomodating and friendly service crew. You can see them very busy but still have that smile on their faces (they will even help you find a seat when needed!) which makes it more comfortable eating here.

    Just  fun fact I would like to share, Mang Tootz also holds catering services! Imagine having the meals in buffet style, why not right? Trust me, you’ll not go wrong! My friend did that for his birthday back in college and we surely enjoyed it all! I guess Mang Tootz have been a great part of my Thomasian experience, and it will still surely be one of the things I look forward to when in UST! ;)

    Friday the 13th. I got the chance to drop by UST a while back. And it absolutely felt great! :)  While waiting, my friends and I stayed in the Lover’s Lane and spotted this bird striking a pose and I knew I just had to capture it. Ah, I really missed the feeling of having a calm scenery within the campus.

    Paskuhan 2011. After a year of wait, I finally got to experience Paskuhan again. Though I’ve already graduated from the university, it felt like nothing changed. Celebrating Paskuhan with the entire Thomasian community was a blast. And I really missed attending concerts and singing my heart out when bands perform! Of course, we waited for the annual fireworks display - usually one of the highlights of this Christmas activity. And these are some snaps from the First UST Paskuhan Pyromusical show.

    Paskuhan na! Tomorrow, UST will be celebrating its 20th Paskuhan - an annual Christmas festivity hosted by the university for the entire Thomasian Community. From a post in Facebook, I read that there will be a UST Paskuhan Pyromusical Show. I think they are preparing a grander fireworks display this year in line with the Quadricentennial Celebration. There’s so much to expect tomorrow - from food booths around the university to the bands performing live! I bet everyone will have a good time. I’ve been attending Paskuhan since I entered the university and now even though I’ve already graduated, I’m still looking forward to enjoy a Christmas with the Thomasian community! I’m attending together with my block mates from the Faculty of Pharmacy. Excited? YES! Less than 24 hours to go for Paskuhan 2011! You Ready?